Just Underwear Part 2

Underwear Are Like Boobs

Okay, this is part two of "They're Just Underwear". 

I used to be one of those guys that would have said, "They're just underwear". The problem with the typical guy response is that its just not true. A nice pair of underwear make you feel good and demand you spend a few moments checking out the package in the mirror! The reality is that men's underwear are like boobs. 

Boobs? Really!? Yeah, let me give you a few examples to illustrate the point. 

  • Maybe you want a pair that are a little bigger than normal.
  • Conversely, maybe you want a pair that are a little smaller.
  • Older pairs tend to sag and become droopy.
  • New pairs can be wonderful.
  • You may just need a pair for a night out.
  • Sometimes you need a pair that's functional.

I could go on but no matter what, we always want the pair that is right for us. So the next time you or a friend say, "They're just underwear", ask if you would be okay with just any pair. 


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