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"They're Just Underwear"...So Why Switch

It's a great question and I had no intention of changing my personal brands or styles in 2015. I was unaware there was a problem or a better way to feel about a boxer brief. Of course, that was before going to store after store only to find the brand and style I wanted was no longer available. It seems that large brands change their styles, fabrics, and manufacturing locations every 6-12 months to find lower cost labor. I'm not trying to make a political statement by designing and manufacturing a great custom boxer brief. I just wanted a consistently good pair of underwear for men who find themselves in the same situation. 

So that's the short version of how this began for my wife and I but I haven't answered the question about "why switch?". 

A few reasons to give Tidal Comfort's Pocket Boxer Brief a test run:

  1. Functionality - It has a pocket and every guy knows you're better with a pocket than finding yourself without. Do you know when you need a pocket in your underwear? I didn't know until traveling to Italy and wishing I had somewhere to stow my passport. Its not the only use for pocket underwear. There are several such as money, credit cards, cell phones, and T1D insulin pumps. But if you think the pocket is foolish, no worries. We designed it to blend with the boxer brief and not interfere with your comfort. 
  2. Custom Fit - The pocket is unique and a great excuse to buy one for yourself or a loved one. But the REAL REASON TO SWITCH is the fit. These boxer briefs are truly custom designed. We performed months of research and tested numerous brands to find the best possible fit. Our design specifications are more than 15 pages long to manufacture a single pair of underwear. The waistband is larger than normal and we picked a plush fabric to feel soft against your skin. The legs are designed to not ride up and the fabric does not stretch out like other brands.
  3. Whitey Tighties - And lastly, we are extra proud of the wives that are secretly saying their husbands are giving up whitey tighties because the Tidal Comfort's are so comfortable. 

So give them a try. We know from our other customer's feedback that you will want more. 

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