Ways To Use the Pocket in Your Boxer Briefs

Personally, I don't use the pocket every day and gave careful attention to guarantee the pocket would not interfere with normal wear. This is why there are no zippers or fasteners that could irritate your skin. 

However, the 8 inch deep pocket and stretch fabric will prevent items from bouncing out. Its also located directly under your normal outerwear clothing pockets which allows you to check on valuable items without others noticing.

Here are some of the items customers place in their pocket.

  1. For travel:  Passport + Emergency Cash + Backup Credit Card
  2. Going to the gym:  Driver's License + Credit Card
  3. Light jog:  Credit Card + Cell Phone (w/ wireless headphones)
  4. Health: Insulin pump or Medications
  5. Being a prankster:  Banana