About Us

Have you booked a cruise or international vacation and wondered if your passport was required to be on you at all time? We do. Every. Single. Vacation. You search online and find legal reasons, opinions, and horror stories of pick pockets or thieves taking advantage of international travelers. We give you a way to keep your phone, passport, wallet or other items safe during your travels. 


The tides are a gentle, powerful, and reliable force. We chose a name that is gentle, powerful, and reflective of our predictably comfortable clothing. Tidal Comfort is your brand for the consistency and comfort you deserve. 

And then there's this...

US Coast Guard Tidal Comfort Website

In 1997, Brandon entered the U.S. Coast Guard and fell in love with the sea. Miles from the shoreline the stars grow brighter, multiply, and dreams grow. One of those dreams was to provide people with products that make life more enjoyable. And what's more enjoyable than putting on your favorite pair of underwear and not worrying about how to protect your valuables? Ok, maybe there are other things more enjoyable than underwear, but we will help you start your day with a smile.

Our first design, the pocket boxer brief, will keep you comfortable and provide the added functionality needed to relax while seeing the sights. We hope you enjoy the next vacation as much as we do.

Fair winds and following seas..

Lisa and Brandon